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Tektoo Mailsafe

Tektoo Mailsafe is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) e-mail management solution hosted in the cloud. With Tektoo Mailsafe you will have the ultimate email security, scanning both inbound and outbound email for viruses, phishing threats, content violations and spam. See below for more information, features and pricing.


Key Features


Tektoo Mailsafe incorporates multiple layers of security and provides inbound and outbound email protection across the entire organisation. This is done by removing email-borne malware threats and spam before the email is delivered to your mail server, improving bandwidth and increasing mail server resources.


All emails from up to the last 7 years can be backed up to the cloud, and these emails can be accessed at any time through web mail, so that if the local mail server fails you will still be able to continue with your work.


All inbound and outbound messages on your domain will be reported. Audit allows for examination of the exact reason an email was delivered or rejected, including the conversation with the remote email server. Chart and table reports can be generated based on the rules triggered and actions take for all inbound and outbound email.


No upfront investment in hardware or software is required. Mailsafe is quickly and easily deployed by making some simple changes to your domain settings.

Key Benefits

Increased Security

Tektoo Mailsafe prevents accidental access to malware by removing infected email messages and attachments before they reach your network and blocks phishing emails that appear genuine and redirects them to quarantine.

Data Loss Prevention

You can choose to be notified instantly or block an email message that match content rules relating to confidential or sensitive information.

Increased up-time

Because all of your email is backed up to the cloud. If your local mail server were to fail you would still have access to all of your emails.

Improved Bandwidth

Blocking spam in the cloud means only clean email messages are delivered to the local network, reducing the amount of bandwidth and resources required on mail servers.

Low cost

A simple licensing model based on the number of mailboxes to manage, easy deployment, and no hardware or software licensing requirements makes this a must have for any size business.

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