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Providing high quality technical support is our primary aim. We provide two basic support packages that can be customised to suit the needs of any business.

Essential Support is pro-active server & workstation monitoring systems at a competitive price. It’ll keep your systems running smoothly, spot problems in advance and simplify troubleshooting.

Complete Support offers the same pro-active server & workstation monitoring as our Essential package, but adds unlimited engineer time when responding to a fault.



The ‘Essentials’ support package has been put together to provide you with what we consider to be the very fundamentals of a server monitoring solution, all at a great value price. Ideally suited to small and large businesses alike, our service gives you the extra peace of mind that everything is working as it should. We find this package is perfect for businesses without the staff dedicated to maintaining the computer system, it gives the test results in plain English that even the most hardened technophobe can understand.

How does it work?

Each and every morning before the start of the working day, our sophisticated monitoring system will check your servers vital signs. If we spot anything out of place you’ll receive a short note detailing the exact problem. You can fix them yourselves or you can ask us to help. Even if we find no problems we will send you a short email note just to confirm that all checks have been passed. Finally, we have the option to run a maintenance task over the weekend, this give us the opportunity to defragment and check the filesystems, clear up any temporary files, we can even set the system clock! This helps ensure everything is in tip-top condition for the start of the next working week!
You also get access to our online support centre, where you can log a support call with one of our engineers or simply browse the collections of howto’s, tips and tricks.


A one off activation fee of £20 per server, then pay monthly for just £30 per server, per month.
Remember, we don’t tie you in to any long term contracts! We can give you a full demonstration of the software and its reports, or we can arrange a free demo so you can see the results for yourself.



The next step up from the ‘Essentials’ package is what we call the ‘Complete’ package. This is more in line with a traditional support contract you might see offered elsewhere, only with the addition of our sophisticated 24×7 server monitoring system. Not only do we check and alert you to any problems on your servers every fifteen minutes of every day, but we also back this up with unlimited telephone, remote and onsite support for your core server operating system and server applications.

How does it work?

We configure our agent software to keep a close eye on your servers performance, twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Any potential problems are flagged up to alert our engineers, who will then be in touch to arrange a fix. Most of the time we can fix problems with minimum disruption using our remote access technology, so we don’t even need to set foot on site. You’ll be sent daily or weekly emails summarising the checks and wether they passed or failed, so you can see our system is doing it’s job.

The ‘Complete’ package also gives you access to our online client portal, so you can get an up to the minute view of the checks we perform on your servers. In addition to this you get access to our online support centre, where you can log a support call with one of our engineers or simply browse the collections of howto’s, tips and tricks.


Because of the complex nature of modern networks we really need to look at your system and create a personalised quotation. Contact us and we can arrange to visit your site for a short audit and a no-strings-attached quote.

Here are some of the things we look for:

  • Did your backup complete last night?
  • Has your Antivirus software downloaded the latest definitions?
  • Are you up to date with your Windows Automatic Updates?
  • What is the health of your physical hard disk or RAID array?
  • Are you close to running out of space on your hard disks?
  • Any unauthorised login attempts?

What if I hit a problem?

Our monitoring tools pick up most problems in the first instance, so often it is us who call you first!
For any support issues you can log a call with us either through the website, by sending us an email or calling us on the telephone. In all cases an engineer will respond to urgent calls within 1 hour.

If the engineer finds a fault that cannot be fixed over the phone or using our remote access technology, we promise to have an engineer onsite within 8 working hours.

In addition to the above you can always call or email us for non-urgent support or technical queries at any time.

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