Password Generator

Password Generator

Welcome to Tektoo’s Password Generator. There are several passwords shown below that can be used for anything. If you are in the need for a memorable password that you can remember that is also complex, or if you need a super secure password, our password generator has got you covered.

Memorable yet complex
(Word plus 00-99 plus word plus symbol)


Super simple
(Fruit plus 0-9)


64 random printable ASCII characters
(ASCII#33-#125 excluding #34, #39, #60, #62, #96)


64 random alphanumeric characters
(0-9, A-Z, a-z)


64 random hexadecimal digits




Memorable yet complex

This is the standard password we use, developed to generate complex passwords which can be easily communicated over a telephone. It contains a mix of upper and lower case alphanumeric characters and punctuation to resist brute force attacks. Words are a minimum of five characters in length and the two independent word lists were created from George Orwells 1984, meaning the passwords may contain unusual words but they should always be human readable.

These passwords are not the final word in data security however they do bridge the gap between protection and ease of use.

Super simple

This password should only be used when security or privacy isn’t a priority. It was developed to generate passwords for primary school children but it’s also useful to generate short term temporary passwords.

Printable ASCII

The gold standard of passwords, a 64 character string including a random mix of upper and lowercase alphabet characters, numbers zero to nine and over twenty different types of punctuation marks. We use these as encryption keys to secure data inside our Datasafe online backup service. Long strings of Random ASCII provide the most protection against brute force dictionary attacks.


These are similar to the printable ASCII passwords but only contains upper and lowercase alphabet characters and numerals 0-9. They’re useful in cases where the system you need a password for restricts you to ‘normal’ alphabet characters and numerals.


Hexadecimal pass phrases came into vogue with an early method of Wi-Fi security called WEP. WEP has been well and truly defeated and should no longer be used, but hex passwords still have other occasional uses.

About passwords…

Nearly every interaction with a computer requires the user to enter a password. It’s the one thing that sits between the bad guys getting their hands on your property. Passwords come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important to make sure the password you choose suits the purpose.

Password complexity is always a balance between security and usability, we developed this tool specifically to provide us with an unlimited number of complex yet human readable passwords that would be resistant to a brute force attack. For normal applications we favor the ‘complex yet memorable’ pass phrases, but if a higher level of security is needed we can select text from the random printable ASCII pools.

Random numbers are generated using the standard PHP tools based on the Mersenne Twister Pseudo Random Number Generator. This is a good, if not excellent source of random numbers.

Most of the work on this page is based on password research done by Steve Gibson, at


Password Strength

You can test the resistance of your passwords to common password cracking tools at the following sites:

Password Meter, Microsoft Password Checker, GRC Password Haystacks


Password Storage

Using unique passwords across a number of devices and services may be the best way to secure your information but it soon becomes impossible to remember all those passwords. Fortunately a number of services exist to solve this problem and the two we recommend are LastPass and Keepass. Both use industry strength ciphers to encrypt your passwords and no’one other than you has access to decrypt the passwords.



Pseudo Random?

The image to the right was generated using the same PRNG used by the password generator on this page. In a poor quality PRNG patterns quickly emerge from the noise.

Image generated using the same PRNG as the password generator.

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